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Importers and Marketers of general   goods and manufacturers representatives. The company was incorporated in 1980.The company is solely concerned with the marketing of of her sister companies' products. The company also trades in industrial chemicals. The company has many sales outlets in Lagos, Kaduna, Abuja and Portharcourt to enhance marketing network with the Onitsha business office located at Onitsha, Anambra State, Nigeria.


 This Pokobros® Group subsidiary company also specializes in automobile importation, sales, maintenance, lease. The most popular being the Tianma Star Jeeps. The vehicle manufacturers being a leader in Chinese automobile industry produces technology-driven State-Of-Art modern vehicles. The Pokobros® Trading Co. Ltd. possesses the sole distributorship Franchise in West Africa for the distribution, after-sales services and maintenance of the must-have autos. The automobile model ranges they import include

Tianma® Fengchi SUV     | Specs

Tianma® Haise                  | Specs

Tianma® Yuhu (S-Cabin) | Specs

Tianma® Hilux (Pick-up) | Specs

Tianma® Chenglong         | Specs



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Baoding Tianma® Automobile Co., Ltd is a Chinese automobile re-fitting factory directly controlled by the military and was later transferred to the local government. In 2002, the factory was reformed into limited company according to the Law of Enterprise. The company's main auto products include SUVs, heavy duty vehicles & passenger cars. Now it the company owns three assembly lines, coating lines, welding line, electrophoresis line & test line and other necessarily supplementary equipments. The company - employees equals 1000, total assets equals $380 million. These attributes led to the signing of MOU between Pokobros ®Group (W.A) Ltd. & this  great Chinese company for the importation, sales & distribution of these super automobiles throughout the West African sub-region. The partnership of these two great industrial/economic doyens has impacted positively to the economy of the host countries - Nigeria & China. The unique features of the company Tianma range of automobiles include

In-built Factory-set Phones

Multi-reflector Lamps

Rear Tail Reflectors - Chrome Quartz

SABS System

8-Disc VCD Player Pre-installed

Reverse Monitor System

Central Air-conditioner

Not Tilt Steering Column

225 Extra-wide tire 

Cargo Protection

Shut lock Instrument



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