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Chief (Dr.) Ichie Ezechinyelugo  Paul Amanchukwu Ezeojih Okonkwor JP was born a 5th child to the noble family of Mazi & Mrs. Micheal Okonkwor Agbaghiegbe Nwewe of Enugu Ozalla, Ozalla village, Isuofia town, Aguata Local Government Area of Anambra State, Nigeria on the 5th day of October, 1942. He was brought up by his noble parents the Christian way.


Young Chief Paul Amanchukwu Okonkwor started his kindergarten education at St. Patrick's Catholic School Isuofia in the year 1950 after returning with his parents from Ojodo near French Dahomey, where they sojourned from 1945  to 1949. Chief Paul Amanchukwu Okonkwor contributed immensely to the welfare and up-keep of his siblings & younger ones hence, he was stopped severally to suspend his kindergarten education to nurse them. This led to his continuing education even at the age of twelve in the year 1954. Also the same year, he was baptized by an Irish priest, Rev. Fr. Caraphear after the Herculean task of trekking over 9 miles to Achina for catechism classes weekly. After baptism in 1954, he became a mass servant of the catholic faith. The year 1954 remains ever remarkable to the young chief as this marked his journey to the mountain of success. Thus, he engaged himself in truck-pushing after school hours - for sustenance.


In 1957, Chief (Dr.) Paul Amanchukwu Okonkwor started petty trading and displaying his business acumen at a very tender age. He used to buy all the school handwork materials (brooms, basket etc) only to re-sell these items at the end of the term for profit (Entrepreneurship). He later opted for barbing charging only 2 pence for his services.

Still on his education, Chief Okonkwor's brilliancy earned him largesse & promotions in the school. In 1959,  he took an entry examination into the prestigious Christ The King College, Onitsha & BSC Orlu which he excellently passed.


The capability of chief's parents to foot his education expenses notwithstanding their economic status proppelled him to business. He took a bold decision and stepped up to his parents with the business opinion. His mother who a was wealthy oil merchant couldn't help but agreeing with the dreams of the young son taking after her. Thus in January, 1960 he became an apprentice to Mr. Louis Ogbuanu from Amichi who trades in bicycle spare parts at Ekpoma, Edo State, Nigeria. Young Chief Okonkwor celebrated Nigeria's first independence at Ekpoma , but his sojourn at Ekpoma was cut short due to political upheavals orchestrated by the the Action Group and NCNC, evolving series of civil unrest especially in the Western Region, he decided to stay back after Christmas holiday.


Following his unrelenting attitude towards the exploration of the business world, he moved on to motor spare parts business the following month and year -1961 with his master, Chief J.O Ibeke residing in Onitsha. During his course of apprenticeship with Chief J.O Ibeke which lasted from 1961 - 1965, young Chief Paul Okonkwor proved his mettle beyond imaginations. He introduced various vehicle parts and accessories into the Nigerian automobile circle; he introduced the famous Austin® Fan Blades  amongst others. He was highly engaged in vehicle, hubs & axles repairs, while not forgetting his age-long business of truck-pushing all in the bid to make life sustainable & meaningful. At this time he was faced with challenges of competing with official load carriers. Also he was faced with the risk of traveling all parts of the country including farthest north in search of old spare parts as well as phased-out ones for commercial purposes.


In December 1965, he left his master, Chief J.O Ibeke marking his freedom of business dependence in January 1966. Not quite long after his freedom in 1966, the  Nigerian-Biafran civil war broke out and crippled the economy.


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